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     Making advanced spiritual growth a reality involves a sustained commitment to study, change of attitude and orientation and implementing new and changed behaviors. And all of this with a focus on Spirit, implemented through day-to-day life. Instead of just publishing a book once every few years, I have committed to writing ongoing article series on a variety of spiritualizing topics. Today there are over 100 articles in my library for your easy access.  

     The first article below published in the ISAR journal was nominated as one of the 5 best articles pubished in the journal over a 5 year period. Beyond the ISAR articles, the rest are published on my website livingspiritcommunity.net. which you can link to here.

International Society for Astrological Research Articles

Getting to Know Your Cycles in Life

Soul Mapping: LifeCycles of the Soul


Follow the Sun

(5 astrological article series)

     Because of my commitment to using astrology as a spiritual growth tool, I have put as much study into it as any other field of study. Each article series here is not just about education, but about using the science of astrology as your psychological and spiritual guide. Because of my focus, the energies and symbols within astrology provide a whole new dimension within astrological study and application.

Characteristics of Spirit

     This 12 article series defines and describes the 12 ways that Spirit manifests within our universe. Besides helping us to learn about and embrace these characteristics, this month by month series includes various spiritualizing exercises related to each characteristic.

7 Spiritual Paths

     Throughout antiquity and various fields of study, various spiritual path venues have been defined for those focused on spiritual growth. Although most rely on a guru/master/teacher for guidance, each can now be adapted to our Aquarian Age of individual responsibility and self initiation. These articles describe each of seven major Paths to Mastery.

9 Spiritualizing Habits for Life

     From my experience and growth within the business community over some 25 years, I found that there are many ways to incorporate one’s spiritual life into one's vocation, whether in the business world or not. Developing nine specific habits (one article for each) over a period of years is an excellent way of spiritualizing one's life in every aspect.

From Life Struggles… to Living by Spirit

     As part of my lecture/workshop programs, I determined to provide a practical way of turning normal areas of day-to-day struggle that we have all faced into spiritualizing exercises. By doing so, we can not only resolve these struggles, but also place ourselves directly on the path to living by Spirit. The six articles here provide the full extent of this workshop program.

Take a Journey thru our Spirit & Matter Universe

     Two sections of the first book in my treatise God, Man and the Dancing Universe are devoted to defining and describing the full extent of both our objective/subjective and spirit/matter universe. Although consistent with the perennial philosophies’ 7 Planes/Worlds, the full extent of our universe includes 12 objective Planes and 12 subjective Realms to fully describe the realities and experiential levels described within various fields of study, both Western and Eastern. This 20 article series takes us on a poignant imaginative journey into these realities.

Overcoming Pitfalls in Self-Publishing

     The harsh realities of getting one’s book published in today's publishing industry makes it prohibitive for all but a few. At the same time, self-publishing has become a legitimate and opportunistic reality for many more of us. This six article series provides a helping hand for those who not only wish to make the commitment to see their writings in print, but to effectively get your book to their audience.

Various Individual Articles
Living Spirit
The 12 Dimensional Life of a Spiritual Avatar
Knowing our Personality/Soul Spiritual Cycles