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     Becoming frustrated that there was little to no new breakthroughs or books on metaphysics since the mid-20th century, I decided that my insights, realizations and revelations and experience gained over 20 years of study could make a significant contribution in defining a 21st century metaphysics. With this, I began writing a multi-volume treatise entitled God, Man and the Dancing Universe. My focus has been to integrate and synthesize seven major fields of study from eastern and western mysticism to transpersonal psychology, from metaphysics to the sciences, and from astrology to western philosophy. 

     The first volume published in 2006 defines and explains a new more comprehensive model of our material and spiritual universe and Man in it. I have now published this first Volume in paperback in 2 parts. Part A is Our Dancing Universe which defines a comprehensive model of our objective/subjective and spiritual/material systemic structure. By doing so, many quandries from the past are now easily answered. Further, it also defines 12 dimensions of space/time and growth that even fits into string theories in science.
     From discussions with ministers within the new thought movement (including Unity Church ministers), it became apparent that there was a significant lack of spiritual training materials for assistant ministers and church board members. This prompted my wife and I to create a type of workbook for both individuals and groups to use in getting on with spiritual growth. This workbook became Living Spirit’ s Guidebook for Spiritual Growth, published in 2007.  

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​     As part of my integrating astrology with transpersonal psychology and spirituality, I achieved a major breakthrough in understanding our life cycles, both personality and spiritual. This came about by specically synthesizing Dane Rudhyar's process oriented astrology with my own insights into 3 levels of astrological and spiritual interpretation of life's issues. My LifeCycles approach to these three fields of study provides the astrological, pychological and spiritual counselor a new dimesion in understanding their clients'  issues and plan for life.

     My first book defines the foundamentals of this integration and uses 19 life case studies to verify this new dyanamic approach in understanding an individual's personality life events and crisis. It further provides an excellent way for counselors to expand their practice by demonstrating how ongoing periodic sessions (2-3 per year) can help everyone attune to their individual life plan and deal with the spiritual and material issues involved.     
     As Part 1 of the third Volume in God, Man and the Dancing Universe, the Spiritual Path and its various venues are defined and comprehensively described utilizing 9 fields of study. Spiritualizing your Self and Soul begins by tracing the Path from first awakening to Spirit beyond living a typical human life. Utilizing the initiatory structure of ascent, peak and descent in each major step in growth, it covers the process of answering the "Call" to separating from collective conditioning; facing our Shadow side and supressed contral-sexual self during our Baptism by Spirit; and purifying our Personality and Ego until we achieve Transfiguration and Individuation as a spiritual Initiate. The beauty is that every spiritual venue of teachings is consistently describing an accelerated growth process of internalizations, integrations and initiations.   
     Now in the 21st century, we have insights from a new science of wholenwss and transpersonal psychology to truly tackle the mysteries of what consciousness is, how it functions and what is a comprehensive model that explains human consciousness. Volume II in this treatise sets out to provide a synthesis of what has been defined to date on our human consciousness universe. It demonstrates that many perspectives are needed to more fuly comprehend ourselves, consciousness and our universe.
     As part B of Volume I, Man in his Castle takes the new more comprehensive structure of our universe defined in Part A and places us in it as a material Personality and Ego; a subjective Soul and potential Higher Self; and our spiritual nature to be made conscious on our Path to fulfillment. Utilizing the Kabbalah's "Tree of Life" structure of Energy Nodes (brains/minds/sephiroths), the unigue terms from various fields of study are seemlessly integrated into a consistent descrition of our total nature, both material and spiritual, objective and subjective. Beyond just describing the totality of our nature, Part B also outlines how we move our centre of consciousness from an instinctual personality in childhood up thru the Planes to a fully spitiualized Higher Self and Being.