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Follow the Sun

Multiple Astrological Article Series

Keeping with my ongoing focus in the pursuit of greater more comprehensive knowledge in and use of astrology, I have been writing various article series within the science of astrology. Each provides some contribution to what I am now defining and documenting as my LifeCycles Astrology. The short descriptions below are provided in chronological order in which I wrote them. Each does standalone and/or can be focused on in any order.

Spiritualizing your Life through Astrology

This first article series (12 articles) defines and explains how we can use each astrological Sign and its ruler (planet) to help us understand ourselves better and spiritualize our life through various activities. It is based on the unique astrological approach developed by my mentor/spiritual teacher in using the natal astrology chart as a psychological and spiritual growth tool.

The Astrological Planets as your Spiritual Guide

In my first book, God, Man and the Dancing Universe Volume I, I redefine the astrological planets and luminaries to represent various functional parts of our Personality and individualized spiritual Self. From the Moon representing our instinctual nature to the Sun as the core of our personal self; from Venus and Mars as our dual emotional nature and Mercury and Saturn as our dual mental nature; we begin to understand better how our Personality is reflected within our natal astrology chart. Additionally, these articles focus on how to use this new orientation in our spiritual journey.

Your Personality’s Life Cycle

From my LifeCycles Astrology, I provide 12 articles which show our progression from birth until the beginning of old age on the Saturn cycle through our astrological mandala (natal chart). Each Saturn subphase (similar to progressing through an astrological house) is approximately 5 years, beginning from birth. Each progressive subphase demonstrates the maturing process and either the evolutionary or devolutionary focus in later life. Each article further provides a unique way of using your natal astrology chart to better understand each subphase within your personality life progression.

Astrological Archetypes

The astrological Signs have been portrayed in various ways within astrology, sometimes as energies and other times as mythological influences. Drawing from C. G. Jung’s insights into psychic archetypes, the astrological Signs become motivating archetypal influences and conditioning within our psyche. Within spiritual growth, they begin as personality conditioners; can then further become motivators in individualizing our spiritual Self; and finally the qualities/roles by which we can live our spiritual life.