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     Welcome to my website.  As a spiritual Initiate, I am focusing on taking my more than forty years of study and application of various aspects of spiritual growth out to those who do not need a guru or therapist, but want and need help from time to time at the various difficult places along the Spiritual Path. Having lived the Path, I have a depth of knowledge in helping those who want an answer to one or more the following questions:  

Why am I here?
Where am I today on my unique journey?
What is my next major step in growth?

     In addition, many students of Spirituality do want to expand their knowledge in one or more fields of study. This is why I’ve spent the last twenty years documenting the knowledge and experience I have gained in my life through the study/application of metaphysics, astrology, transpersonal psychology, Eastern/Western mysticism, the sciences, new Toltec teachings, Western philosophy and mythology. I am not an expert in all of these fields, but I do have the unique ability to integrate and synthesize them into various parts of a 21st century Spirituality. I demonstrate this in the six books I have written and published and in the more than 100 articles I have also authored.

     If you have a thirst for a more comprehensive understanding of our universe and those of us in it, then you will be energetically motivated to learn more about my writings and programs. So, spend a little bit of time perusing my website. And, if motivated, contact me and let’s talk about how I can be of help to you.