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Jef's Background

     I began my studies of metaphysics, western theology and astrology some forty years ago while becoming an ordained teacher training under an Aquarian Avatar. This early intensive focus culminated in my teaching and lecturing core metaphysical/spiritual principles in the seminary and at regional and national conferences.

     Subsequent to being a counselor and V.P. of Education in the Church of the Living Light, I independently continued my in-depth study and integration of a number of fields of study including depth psychology. Simultaneously working in the outer world, I pursued a business career culminating in helping entrepreneurial companies improve business success and profitability as an independent business consultant.

     In the 21st century, I left the outer business world to focus on writing my Treatise on God, Man and the Dancing Universe. Volume I of this Treatise was published in 2005. Volume II was published in 2016. Part 1 of this third Volume is now being published in 2020, with Part 2 is to be published early next year. Between Volumes I and II, I further authored and published two other books entitled LifeCycles Astrology: Journey of the Personality and Living Spirit’s Guidebook for Spiritual Growth, which I co-authored with my wife Tanya.

     Besides my writings and now astrological counseling, I continues to perform my assignment as an Aquarian Avatar assisting the Plan for Earth’s evolution. Beyond that, in order to stay on the Physical Plane I am committed to and living the New Body Process (as pioneered by my spiritual teacher).
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Jef Bartow
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