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LifeCycles of the Personality

(periodic readings)

     Throughout birth, growth, life and death, each one of us is on a cyclic journey, either accelerated through spiritual commitment or dragged along by our soul’s plan for this life. LifeCycles Astrology is a specific tool in understanding each key event in life, including the psychological issues and crisis we face.

     Beyond traditional astrology, LifeCycles pin-points:

Where am I today 
on my Unique Journey?

LifeCycles Astrology integrates spirituality, psychology and astrology into a unique tool for growth!
     Every phase we experience is better embraced based on the psychological and spiritual influences helping us along the way. LifeCycles is truly a new dynamic approach to using astrology in every day life. With LifeCycles Astrology, things change every 2 months as part of our progressive journey as a personality. LifeCycles individualizes how we are affected and uniquely challenged through-out life. Now we have an evaluative tool to truly trace personality development, Soul influences/development, and the unique challenges and needs we will encounter on our psychological/spiritual journey. The more we attune to this cyclic process, the more we can cooperate and take advantage of its opportunities. LifeCycles Astrology is not just a reading of the astrological chart, it provides a supportive basis in each of us aligning to our individual life process.

     LifeCycles readings are unique not only for your Soul and Personality, but also your place in life’s journey. The depth of insights and information gained go far beyond traditional astrology readings which only include the natal chart, transits and progressions.