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Soul Purpose and Plan for this Life

(one time Soul Mapping session)

     For most humans, each soul as a part of the human Group Soul chooses its intent, plan and circumstances for each life in its journey to individual self-consciousness. This comes from the results (karma) of its past lives and the needs of the present. This reading/counseling is an excellent tool for answering the simple question: 

Why am I Here?

      The astrology chart is a blueprint for both the Soul and Personality. Most of today's astrologers focus on the Personality. Soul Mapping is a specific methodology for understanding the Soul's journey in this life. Rather than simplistically focusing on one aspect of the Soul through the natal chart, Soul Mapping provides:

Your Soul’s intent for this life

Key parts of the Personality in fulfilling that intent

Life’s Plan for accomplishing the Soul’s mission

Key ways the Soul will express

Our powerful catalyst for growth in this life

Challenges to be faced in this life

     Once Soul Mapping is completed, it’s a matter of aligning to the Soul's journey in fulfilling its purpose and plan. Soul Mapping therefore provides a unique new way of aligning with and experiencing our Soul's intent and mission in this life.