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Spiritual Mentoring

(periodic sessions)

     Eastern/Western mysticism and psychology all recommend finding a guru/therapist for spiritual counseling. In today’s Aquarian Age, we no longer need this traditional relationship. But there are places on the Spiritual Path where we do need perspective and objective feedback. Otherwise, most aspirants either get stuck or become convinced they have completed their growth in this life.    

     The Spiritual Path has no end or final result. It also does have many obstacles and pitfalls for the Ego and Personality to navigate through. The beauty of it is that although there are many Path venues, all are based on a consistent Initiatory Process. Metaphysics calls this process Initiations; Psychology labels them stages/structures of consciousness; Eastern Mysticism defines them as spokes or practices; Western Theology as stations or levels of consciousness; while Astrology and others use integrations/internalizations as the stepping stones to spiritual attainment.

     This is where my spiritual mentoring stands out. Based on my books: Spiritualizing your Soul and Self and Achieving your Spiritual Destiny, it works with the system/Path that you are aligned to or choose. All Path venues lead up to the mountaintop of spiritual fulfillment. My mentoring provides the perspective and objectivity you need from time to time and difficult place to place.

     My books lay the Path out in complete detail. My mentoring provides the support and feedback everyone needs along the way and answers the question;

What is my next major 
step in growth?

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